Finally got around to sorting out my pictures from my trip to Indy in September

Ok, so it took over three months to get around to publishing photos from my trip to see the Colts take on the Eagles.  Sure, the result didn’t quite end up the way I wanted – but at the other end of the regular season still pretty happy with the Colts season.  This time I also caught the Purdue Boilermakers @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish game which was pretty cool and made it out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Check out my photos

Goodbye Dalkeith & hopefully hello Pathhead

Well, after 7 years it’s time to say goodbye to Dalkeith and hello to new neighbours in Pathhead.

Isla was a bit sad to leave the only house she’s known – but Eve couldn’t care less as long as her toys were going.

All email accounts are unchanged (unless you still use the account which is long dead!)