The end of SuperBowl dreams for another year

Another year of SuperBowl dreams for the @Colts are over, after a loss to our perennial nemesis from New England.

Having said that the team achieved amazing things this year – far more than I had expected coming into the season without our pass rusher and after key injuries to our line, Running Backs and Receivers.


Finally got around to sorting out my pictures from my trip to Indy in September

Ok, so it took over three months to get around to publishing photos from my trip to see the Colts take on the Eagles.  Sure, the result didn’t quite end up the way I wanted – but at the other end of the regular season still pretty happy with the Colts season.  This time I also caught the Purdue Boilermakers @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish game which was pretty cool and made it out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Check out my photos